people should draw their dream redesigns for the sinnoh remakes

that would make me so happy 

sinnoh remake outfit headcanons: dawn's scarf and beanie combine into a headscarf or a hood and earmuffs, her dress is longer with a fluffy pink fleece thing and a cute little shoulder cape thing and leggings?? her hairclips will also be altered so her hair makes sense. lucas gets a hunting cap and glasses along with a button down shirt?? barry is given a coat similar his dads and they all get boots and mittens (barry's have stripes on them)

not feeling the headscarf and hood but i dig the earmuffs. also BOOOOO leggings. i love her knee/thigh highs. or if they’re going to change them, at least make them tights. 

i love the hunting cap for lucas. basically lucas cosplaying holden caufield. still really like the glasses. 

i like barry with boots. 

ask dump time!

i’ve been primarily busy with work and getting ready for the upcoming semester of school, but if i was hypothetically holding a giveaway (i am) then it would hypothetically be starting to come along