3D Hall of Origin and Arceus battle, that's all I want in life. I won't be surprised if it's not a part of the story line, openly available at the start, or has to be hacked in like the older games forced others to do since they never really released the Azure Flute event.


oh my god please. nintendo dont f**k with us. 

I thought Brendan's hat was actually his hair for a very long time

you and many other people. tbh, i think i’d prefer it if it was his hair with just a headband instead of that stupid, stupid hat. 

I hope they don't neglect DP and add its music in Smash Bros

they should add something dp into every nintendo game from now on

someone start a petition 


Did a coloured palette meme~

Featuring, possessed Dawn and Lucas!

that professor sycamore theory is crazy

well you guys know me. always on the cusp of new discoveries.

i think most of us just forget about the canon timeline of events because in fanart everyone is always the same age and the protags never show up again after their gen is over (with the exception of red)

ask dump because i let them pile up again

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sinnoh remake ask dump!

featuring redesign ideas, gym talk, and a few misc. questions

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colouring is harddd