"wHen the FUCK is it goign to be spring again???"

Tumblr would be a better place if it had a Dawn only blog pray with me

In my dreams, maybe. This blog was definitely almost Dawn-centric (my folder of her fanart boasts over 5,000 images),  but I settled on Sinnoh as a whole.

I would absolutely post more of her, but I don’t want to overdo it since the blog is for the entire region and not just her. Every now and then Dawn fanblogs pop up, but they tend to die out after a month or so. 


Could you please post some Mitsumi art or are you only gameverse?

Nope, I’ve posted anime-verse and manga-verse as well. I have some Mitsumi pieces, but unfortunately I know there isn’t nearly as much fanart of DP Adventures as there should be.

I’ll post some soon!

Love your blog!! Keep it up :)

Aww, thank you!


hes a big nerd

~*~ happy valentine’s day everyone ~*~ 

~*~ happy valentine’s day everyone ~*~ 



so did you want me to pose like those girls on your seventeen magazines?

ok this is bad but i dont care i started too big i gotta start pixeling with like tamagotchis or something if i wanna learngomen